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Supervisor James Ramos
Creates Third District
Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council

On June 4, 2013, Supervisor Ramos and the Board of Supervisors created a single nine-member  Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) for all the unincorporated areas of the Morongo Basin—from Morongo Valley, Landers, Rimrock, Pioneertown, Landers, Flamingo Heights, Yucca Mesa, Joshua Tree, and Wonder Valley with Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms being excepted.

The formation of the MAC will not result in additional use of discretionary general funding (net county cost).  Third District Supervisorial personnel will manage the activities of the MAC.  Sufficient appropriation to cover the minimal cost of providing staff support to the MAC will be included in the 2013-2014 and subsequent fiscal year recommended budgets for the Third District.

Supervisor Ramos, you are amazing! You have far exceeded the Coalition’s expectations. First the teleconferencing in Joshua Tree, and now the MAC! You listened and responded to us as we expressed our needs to you for an official local legal representative government. Your solutions have made life a lot easier for us in Yucca Mesa to find out what is going on and to provide input relating to our communities.

Finally, we have County government that is promoting the democratic process!

Thank you!

Board of Supervisors Videoconferencing in Joshua Tree starts Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Participating in Board of Supervisors meetings will become much easier for Morongo Basin residents starting on Tuesday, May 7, when the board begins videoconferencing from the Bob Burke Joshua Tree County Government Center.  See News from the County of San Bernardino HERE.  See the announcement in Ramos Review HERE.

Through this teleconferencing, the public can either testify before or make presentations to the Board of Supervisors or simply watch the meeting without having to travel into San Bernardino.

Meeting agendas can be viewed at:


Live and archived meetings can be viewed through County Direct at:


Bob Burke Joshua Tree Government Center
6527 White Feather Road
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

The Yucca Mesa Coalition and residents of Morongo Basin thank Supervisor Ramos for leading the way to a legal transparent representative government.  It is a pleasure to finally see our Board of Supervisors working together for the people.


About Those Zip Codes - Summary
Zip Codes DO NOT Determine Community, Town, or City Boundaries


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